Collector Quality: 1995 Ford Mustang GT

This next car puts a smile on my face because it combines most of the desirable traits in a used car into one cool blue package. First, it is sold by the original owner — the guy/gal who purchased it new from the dealer typically (maybe not always) keeps it nicer than the third owner who got it on loan from his uncle and parks it near other cars in parking lots (yes…I am an admitted far-end-of-the-lot-parker). Next, this car has had the asking price in maintenance/upgrades invested into it in the past few years and it is immaculately clean inside and out. Finally, it comes with a detailed description and pics and videos from the seller. Find this 1995 Ford Mustang GT offered for $14,900 in Palm Springs, CA via eBay.

From the seller:

Please enjoy the 200+ pictures including the immaculate underside by copying and pasting this link as eBay only allows 24 pictures. I bought this car brand new in March of 1995 and know everything about it!! I just added pictures from 110 mile roundtrip day up in 6500 ft Idyllwild CA to escape the 113 degree heat down in Palm Springs. Car performed flawlessly from 350 ft above sea level to over 6500 ft with temperatures going from from 113 to a cool 64 degrees. This car is perfectly sorted and ready to go anywhere, anytime, there are over $15K in upgrades and preventative maintenance done in the past 5 years to make this car considerably better than it was new:
Please take the time to read the full description and view all the detailed pictures. If you are unable to view the 200+ pictures in the above link and the 13 videos in the links below, please message me….car deserves to be seen on a full size computer screen, not a phone or tablet. Above link you will need to copy to your browser to view all of them in detail. 
Here are the 13 videos of the car, I apologize for the wind :

Car is in immaculate shape and you will be hard pressed to find another 1995 Mustang GT this clean, un-abused, and never raced or driven by kids for the price. Only 838 Mustangs were made in this 2 year only beautiful Teal Metallic Clearcoat color in 1995 and it is one of 2 with its exact options. I doubt any of them look and drive anywhere near this nice. Don’t miss out and regret it later, you will never find another 25 year old car this well kept and with over $15K in subtle upgrades/preventative maintenance done in the past 5 years and is ready to do what ever you choose with it….shows, parades, club events, daily driver, weekend car, or can even be a tax right off if used for your business! I’ve owned the car since new and it was preferred freeway car on nice days and to go to various Mustang and Ford shows with over the past 25 years. It is a multiple show winner too. I gave to my father in 2017 then got the car back when he passed away, then gave to my uncle, and he passed away a few months ago, so I now have the car back for the 3rd time. Autocheck is incorrect showing 6 owners as I moved several times over the past 25 years and each time registration was updated to new city, Autocheck is calling that another owner! Car has only been in my name, my fathers name, then my uncles name (both of them barely drove the car, less than 1000 miles, they spent more time detailing it). You will be the first person not in our family to own this babied, beautiful car. Only reason I ever gave it to my family members is that they were also car enthusiasts and I was out of indoor space then and am out of space again now as I have over 20 cars in my collection and a new GT500 on order. I have another of my cars for sale and if it sells first, I will keep this one as it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. No expense was ever spared to keep it in the best condition not only mechanically, but cosmetically too. All work has been professionally done by my automotive shop since new. Only the best parts have ever been used and anything replaced has been Ford OEM parts or better. Anytime something was changed it was researched and well planned where everything works properly with everything else in complete unison. Anytime anything ever showed wear, it was rebuilt, upgraded, or replaced. Car looks and drives like a 5K mile car. It is that nice!

Unlike others available, I know everything about this car as I bought it brand new in March 1995. I was looking for a Teal GT with a 5 speed and Grey cloth interior. It was very hard to find as most were automatics; had leather which I did NOT want,  or had that awful door rub molding where there were holes drilled in the sides of the car to secure it. Back then, there was no internet searches like there are now to find what I wanted, so I called over 45 dealerships in 4 states to find exactly what I wanted. Rancho Ford had it and I went to go see it on the showroom floor in Sun City, CA. A deal was struck and I drove it home. I still remember the first song that came on the radio, the first upgrade I did to it, and the first time I was ever stuck in the rain in the car on the way to a Mustang Club of America event in Tucson AZ. Car has only been in the rain 3 times in its’ life and all three times it was on longer trips out of town where I put it on my lift right away when back to my shop to detail the underside and wheel wells. Each year I used a Teflon coating on the undercarriage which has kept it all looking like new 25 years later. 1995 seems like so long ago, but they were much simper times and this car was considered hi tech at the time! Now it is easy to maintain and parts are inexpensive to keep it in tip top shape, unlike the cars of today!

If Buy It Now is used before Tuesday, October 13th at midnight PST, I will pay 1/2 the shipping to your door, up to $450. So if shipping is $950, to your door, I will prepay $450 to the shipping company when the car ships. I have used the same shipping company for over 15 years and never had a problem with them. They are licensed and bonded in all lower 48 states. If you pick the car up in person, I will take $450 off the price.  

Thank you for viewing my auction. After being disappointed by all the ratty collectible vehicles out there and looking at this one, please feel free to message me. This car is immaculate from top to bottom!! There is NO road rash, chips, dings, dents, fading, or scratches. Any other Mustang or car you may be looking at, make sure they have underside shots. This car has been driven enough to keep all the seals from drying up and leaking, and to keep everything in perfect working order. Even super low mileage cars if stored in humid area, the undersides are rusty and corroded just from the air. This one is very clean and the many underside pictures show this. This is a Buy It Now auction and it will sell and you will not find another like it for such a great price, tasteful/functional upgrades, and OCD maintenance since new. Most of my vehicles end up selling before listing ends due to time on the Buy It Now where you get it immediately!! No document fees or taxes collected by me. Don’t miss out, this incredible Mustang GT will sell, hopefully to you. Paint is exceptional and was redone at a cost of $8500 in 2016 due to the original clearcoat peeling. Car needed no body work, there wasn’t even a door ding in the car. My friend that did the paint job refinishes Rolls Royce and Bentley’s and takes his time and only uses the finest PPG materials. Car was completely disassembled and done right with no mask lines, overspray and was color sanded and buffed to a mirror shine, and 10X better than factory. There is 3 coats of basecoat and 3 coats of clear in the original Teal Metallic color and looks wet when dry and much deeper and more durable than the Ford original, poor 1 coat of base and 1 coat of clear. Color changes depending on angle and lighting and is just gorgeous! You could probably throw rocks at the car and dent it before you can chip the incredible paint job as it is also much more durable than original! New OEM Ford NOS grill pony emblem, Cobra headlights, marker lights and emblems were also installed when paint was done. All correct clips and hardware was bagged and tagged and anything not in perfect shape was refinished or replaced. It has been lovingly hand washed and waxed often, even the engine box door and trunk jams, and underside. Look at the refection’s in the paint in my pictures, you could shave in the reflection of the paint!!  It looks, starts, runs, smells, and drives better than new. Was my preferred driver over my 2003 Cobra, several Shelby’s, my Corvette, and 20+ other cars in my extensive collection of worthwhile vehicles as I enjoyed the smoothness and quietness of this car over most of my other vehicles and the ice cold air conditioning in this car. The seats are also one of the most comfortable seats of any car I have ever owned and with the 2004 seat track you can get the perfect driving angle unlike the factory track. Car stays cool even on 120 degree Palm Springs summer days with the A/C on!! Suspension and steering is tight with no wandering or looseness, no clunks when going over bumps, brakes stop on a dime, immaculate interior and underside.  Rare Opal Grey cloth interior still smells like new and seats feel and look like new. Power seat works in all 6 directions and has been upgraded to a 2004 Mustang seat track for the extra adjustments and 2 ” of more travel for taller drivers ( my father was 6ft 7″ and had no problems driving this car comfortably). Owner’s manual and all supplements are in the glove box as well as the wheel lock key. stereo remote, 2 original Ford keys and original alarm remotes with new batteries included. Only things ever modified on this car are the areas such as suspension, exhaust, minor engine upgrades, and braking system which were replaced with much safer, responsive, and improved parts that I will explain further later in my listing. Seat foam and cloth looks and feels like new. Not even any wrinkles on the seats. They have been covered when driven and frequently Scotch-guarded to keep them looking and feeling like new. All silk screening on switches like new. Door pulls are mint. Everything works like new. No pets or young children have ever been in it.  There is not a nicer, Mustang GT or any car for that matter that does what this car does and available for less than $15K. I can honestly say that, because there are none other like this car anywhere for sale with all these upgrades and rare color. Look around, you’ll waste a great deal of time and then see what I am talking about and then most likely missed this one. If you want a project, please buy one, as this is not it. Please take the time to allow 200+ detailed photos and 13 videos to load, it IS WELL WORTH the wait, and PLEASE read the entire description before asking questions (I know it is long, but I wanted to cover all bases) If you are serious, I know you will read every word, and look at every picture in detail. This is the type of person I am looking for, for a quick and easy sale. I am very easy to deal with and feel free to message me for my phone number or send me yours and we can discuss every aspect of this amazing car. This car is priced for a quick sale to the discriminating enthusiast/collector that appreciates all the details, cleanliness, and correctness of a very clean, un-messed with and fun GT Mustang. Everything correct on this car for both finish and function, so you don’t have to do a thing to it to hop in and enjoy immediately. Ready to show, play, collect, or to just enjoy right away. Price will only go up if car is kept in this condition in the future as most of the SN95’s have been abused and all hacked up. Perfect advertising vehicle for your business too and can even be a tax write-off if used as such. Can be used in parades, proms, etc
Price is a Buy it Now of $14,900 to sell immediately.  I lowered the price from $15,900 after posting it for that last week after several offers in the $14K range. There is not a nicer, more sophisticated car available for under $15K!! It is a multiple first place show winner and even took a best paint award at a Mustang show of over 300 Mustangs. Car is very smooth and easy to drive all fresh maintenance and all fluids done for you so you can drive and enjoy right away unlike the others you will have to put money in right away. No accidents & never in any type of inclement weather, Oil changed once a year since new or every 2K miles which ever came first. I have spent over $15K in upgrades an preventative maintenance on this car over the past 5 years, not including my own labor. Serpentine belt, battery, new spark plugs, air & fuel filters, wiper blades, radiator cap, coolant/distilled water, transmission, P/S, brake, & differential fluids, & hoses all done in the past 1000 miles due to age, not mileage. I did a double roller timing chain, Ford Racing camshaft and lifters, and had the original water pump and injectors rebuilt in the past 3 years not because the originals were bad, just because I didn’t want to worry about them and I wanted a little more pep from the motor. I also put in a new 155 LPH fuel pump and new Ford Racing spark plug wires, cap, rotor, plugs and oxygen sensors at the same time. I take excellent care of all my vehicles and am teased by most of my friends that I over-maintain my vehicles. Car is very smooth, safe, and easy to park and drive. It has plenty of power and never does anything wrong. Car has never let me down, or stranded me. Most of the miles too are freeway going to various shows over the years. Your wife or kid could drive it and enjoy it too!! It is reliable and safe enough to drive everyday if you choose to. It consistently gets 27-29 MPG on the open road with the 2.73 rear end gears. At 75 miles an hour engine is only turning 1800 RPM!  This car has never been raced or ever revved beyond 5K RPM. No taxes, document fees, or games like other charge, collect, and play. This car will sell, don’t miss out, you will never find another like it in this condition and so well kept. No expenses spared on this car from top to bottom, and front to back since new. Everything functions like it is supposed to. Car is simple and inexpensive to maintain and very safe. Message me with your phone # and we can discuss.
In my 25+ years in the high end automotive business, I have rarely seen, owned, or driven a nicer built and well vehicle that is so fantastically built and taken care of. I have owned over 1000 Mustangs, Shelby’s, Big Block’s, Boss’s, Pantera’s, Saleen’s, Corvette’s, Camaros, Roush’s, Cobra’s. Lightning’s etc, mostly collector models, and rarely see a vehicle (of ANY type) kept in this condition. I am overly fanatical with all my cars, but rarely see others that are like me. My father and uncle were as anal as me with this car after me. Suspension and steering is smooth and not bouncy or twitchy when driving down the road, or on the freeway and handles beautifully do to the fact I upgraded it in the past 10K miles with Eibach progressive rate springs, Eibach 1/3/4″ front sway bar with polyurethane bushings, Steeda Bump Steer kit and camber/caster plates, all new bushings/ball joints, shocks/struts, 03 Cobra quick ratio steering rack, and 13″ Mach 1 front brakes with cross drilled Brembo rotors from Italy (original front brakes are only 11″ in diameter). Factory 4 wheel anti lock braking system works as intended and the car stops on a dime!! I also installed Ford Racing SVT Cobra R 17X8 OEM forged wheels. There is no road rash on any of the wheels and even the back sides are waxed when car is washed. Tires are Sumitomo ZR rates and are 245/45ZR17 up front and 285/40ZR17 in the rear. None of them rub and they have less than 1K miles on them. Car handles and stops as well as my new Saleen but not bumpy like the Saleen is. Does not wander when on freeway. Car feels very nimble and handles like a go cart when needed, but very smooth when driving on the freeway. Everything mechanical is like new and anytime something showed wear, it was rebuilt or replaced. Looks at the video of the engine running with the oil cap off, there is zero blow-by and engine is ready for another 100K+ miles. These 5.0’s are known to actually run for 300K+ miles when taken care of.  Nothing leaks or seeps either. There is no road rash anywhere and front and rear bumpers, When car was near new I installed Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers with original 1996 SVT Cobra 2/3/4″ stainless tailpipes and BBK X-pipe. Has a nice deep and mellow growl with out being obnoxious. Many people stop and say how it is the best sounding car they have ever heard. It does not drone inside at all. This Mustang is appraised and insured for $20K on a collector car policy through Hagerty Collector Car Insurance and it is $355 per year for full coverage and agreed value of $20K with no mileage limitation and includes roadside assistance. Most insurance companies will do the same for you and insure it as a collector vehicle and it is only going to continue to climb in value if kept in this condition. Be sure to check out my other auctions my 835HP Grabber Blue twin Turbo Shelby GT350R that I bought new and my shop built for SEMA ( sold for asking), a 90% original paint 1967 Fairlane Fastback 500 390 2 door (already sold for asking price ),  my 1 of 1 1971 M Code 351C 4v, 4 speed Grabber Green fastback (SOLD for asking price and being enjoyed by very happy new owner ) also with mostly original paint and my immaculate 1996 Bronco 4X4 ( also sold on a Buy It Now for asking price),  a mint 38K mile 1 owner Mercury Grand Marquis Ultimate Edition, and soon I will be listing my mint 1995 Saleen S351 and a 1971 429 SCJ Mach 1 with 13K original  miles, so check my other auctions. Click on “View Seller’s Store” to view my other vehicles for sale. Unlike dealers, I know this car from top to bottom as I have known it since new and my shop has done all of the work and maintenance to it since new. I should, but do not have to thin a few of my “heard” to make some more space for new toy that I have on order. I also still have many of the following that I also bought new that I am not selling: 1993, 1995 and 2000 Cobra R’s, 1998 Saleen Cobra, 2002 Saleen Extreme, 2003 Cobra, 2007 GT500, 2009 Gt500KR, 2011 GT500 Super Snake, 2013 GT500, 2013 Boss 302 Boss 302 Laguna Seca, 2013 Shelby Focus ST, 2015 GT350 R, 2017 Saleen Black Label Track 35th Anniversary Track Edition and a host of others I bought second hand. This GT has been on of my favorites and always kept in great company.  
Any questions, please message me and I will respond promptly. I am selling this car to free some space in my warehouse of over 20 other vehicles. It is not a must sale, but a like to sell to the right person who will appreciate it like my father, uncle, and I have. I am not desperate and priced it very fairly for what it is to sell it immediately. I did a Buy It Now, so you don’t have to bid an and wait, and hope to get it. I get people all the time that email me after they missed something I have listed to let me know if the deal falls through…they will buy….Outright price for my beautiful Mustang GT is $14,900 when Buy It Now is used.  If I don’t get that, I will keep it. No offers will be accepted as I already lowered the price from $15,900. This is alot of car for the money. Don’t wait for someone else to use Buy It Now and miss it!!  With a Buy It Now auction it can end at anytime and can be bought by you right away too where no one else can get it!! No taxes collected by me or any document fees like others charge. Don’t miss this one, you will never find another like it.  Deposit of $500 must be made immediately thru Paypal upon the use of BUY IT NOW and remaining balance due with in 3 days of winning auction. Any questions and/or inspections if wanted must be made BEFORE using BUY IT NOW. Please do not use Buy It Now unless you already have the money. If you need a loan, have it set up and approved first. JJ Best is a great collector car loan company that can get you approved fast. You are welcome and encouraged to come and inspect the car or send someone to look at it before buying. I am not a dealer, so no sales tax will be collected by me.  Car is sold as is with no warranty by me expressed or implied and no provisions will be made for anything deemed not accurate. I do my best to describe everything to the best of my ability and knowledge. Car will be shipped from Palm Springs, CA 92262 at your expense (either arranged by me, or you can arrange yourself) , or you are welcome to fly into Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up, and you can drive this beauty home. Must be paid for in full with in 3 days, unless arrangements are made with me before using Buy It Now. Car is currently insured, registered and CA titled. Car will not leave and title will not be sent until car is paid in full (and cleared) with either cash upon pick-up, direct deposit, loan check, or cashier’s check/money order. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer promptly. I have never had a person purchase a vehicle from me sight unseen that was not thrilled with their purchase!! My 100% positive feedback from those that have purchased from me in the past 14 years clearly reflect this, and many of the transactions were for $100K + vehicles.  I reserve the right to end this auction early as the car is advertised on several other sites and publications, so if you want it, use BUY IT NOW before someone else buys it!! If you can not meet these simple requirements, please do not use Buy It Now and waste your time, mine, and others that are serious. If you need more time or have questions about payment, please feel free to message me with your phone # and we can discuss. I am VERY picky with vehicles I choose to deal with and I know this car from top to bottom since new. 
In summary: EVERYTHING works properly as intended!! No burnt out bulbs anywhere, the back-up lights, dash lights (all upgraded to much brighter LED), gauges, all work perfectly. A/C is ice cold (redone completely in 2015), heat hot, nothing has any issues. You can let it idle all day in 120 degree heat and it does not get hot. Transmission is solid and shifts through all the gears properly and smoothly. Transmission fluid has been changed 3x since new. Clutch was done with a Ford Racing unit in the past 10K miles due to age, not because it needed it. Shifter was upgraded to a Steeda Tri-ax billet short throw unit to get rid of the sloppy long throw original and the shifter boot was upgraded to a genuine leather one. I have both original keys and working alarm remotes as well as all original owners manuals, full color dealer brochure packet, and a personalized statistics Marti report showing that this car was one of 2 built like it with its’ options. See the Marti report in pictures link for all info. Aftermarket stereo head unit was added by my uncle and it has a USB port to stream music, Bluetooth, and a remote. This beautiful Mustang GT is absolutely like a much newer collector car from top to bottom. It runs and drives excellent and has never been abused or driven hard. No rust, road rash, or accidents. Bumpers and rockers were often tapped with painters tape when driving to shows and long distances to keep from getting chips. There is no road rash on the car at all. Every body panel has its’ original VIN sticker and every nut, bolt and clip is correct. There are no odd odors, odd rattles, or odd noises. There is no wind noise with the windows up. You can drive this car anywhere anytime with out worry. Mileage may also vary minimally as car may be driven for supervised test drives and/or inspections and I do drive it every two weeks around the block after letting it warm up to keep fluids flowing through all systems. Car will still be kept indoors when not being driven.  Please feel free to ask questions and I will answer promptly. This car doesn’t need a thing to hop in and enjoy right away. I would not hesitate to hop in it and drive it cross country! It is a no excuse, honest car, that needs nothing. It is done right and completely sorted from top to bottom, front to back. The paint color combination and options are simply stunning and it turns heads where ever you go. People stop at stop lights and make comments on how immaculate it is. It is a steal at under $15K and priced to sell fast!  Nothing even compares to this car for under $15K and any Ford dealer can plug into the computer in this car for diagnostics and service. Car is simple and inexpensive to maintain, drive and insure. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors! No excuses, issues, or stories with this car. Anyone can just go buy a new Mustang….but how many can have a 25 year old, basically brand new Mustang with tasteful and functional upgrades in the timeless SN-95 body style? Sure to continue to go up in value if kept like this. Look at clean Fox Body Mustangs, they have tripled in value in the past 2 years, the SN-95’s that are 5.0’s and super clean have been going up in value too as most have been all hacked up. Have a great day and thank you for looking and (hopefully) reading my long description…..I just want to be thorough. Each time I think of something else, I revise the listing, add more pictures, and before I know it, it ends up this long!! Very few read what I end up writing, but if you have, thank you!! The first person that reads my entire listing, that has the means, is usually the buyer, so hopefully that is you.  Enjoy my 200+ pictures and 13 videos above and feel free to contact me with any questions. Have a great day. 🙂

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