Coffee Break: Find A Cool Spider For $5k-$15k

The feature confusingly known as Unicorn Hunters has been inexplicably renamed to Coffee Break.  Welcome to the first edition of Coffee Break, which is to say, the next edition of Unicorn Hunters…anyway, what is in a name? The concept for today’s feature came to me while I was doing some research on Russian bombers and I glanced at die-cast model car that lives next to my monitor.  Find us a cool spider for $5-15k..bonus points for cars that came from the factory with a hardtop.

The British made 1:43 scale die-cast Corgi Toys model of a Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato was a gift from a good friend and it sits on the desk that I use to pen the words on this website.  I often pick it up and use it for inspiration when writing — the cool-to-the-touch metal helps to remind me to keep my cool when responding to commenting trolls and the scarred paint reminds me that everything doesn’t need to be perfect to be worthwhile.

As I reached to flip open the side hinged hood and examine the rather nicely detailed V4 engine bay complete with twin side draft carbs, I was almost bitten by a small house spider.  Then it hit me.  Has anyone ever built a Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato Spider?  The answer is yes, there are pictures of one floating around the web as well as a Fulvia Spider built to race the Targa Florio and Monte Carlo Rally that recently hit auction for some unknown six figure price.

Now…find us the best Spiders between $5k and $15k on the interweb….and if you are an arachnophobe, please accept my apologies. Comment below or email here: