Coffee Brake: Will The First Time Callers Please Stand Up

Back when folks listened to terrestrial radio, there was a phrase that you’d hear on the radio that went something like “long time listener, first time caller here”.  It was a way for callers to suck up to the host (I’ve been listening to your show since I was a fetus and the audio quality really got much better after I was born) but at the same time excuse any f-bombs they might drop while on the air, and is a natural segue into whatever topic they might want to discuss.  Today, I am looking for any first time callers to hit reply below and introduce yourself.  Go ahead.  We won’t bite.

I’d like to request that regular contributors step back and let new people take a stab at the comments.  Go ahead, ask me (or CFlo, Hunsbloger, Kaibeezy, & PhiLOL) any question you’d like.