Coffee Brake: Weirdest Place You’ve Found Car Parts

Did you read about the guy who found out that he had a turn signal stalk from his ’63 Thunderbird stuck in his forearm for the past 51 years?  Apparently he was setting metal detectors off for years and only recently had a surgeon remove the offending Ford part.  For today’s Coffee Brake segment, I’d like to ask you (our dear reader) where you’ve found or stored car parts/tools over the years.

For me personally, I had a decent collection of tools/parts in the kitchen of an apt I lived in many years ago, but I might have gone a bit too far when I bolted a bench vise through a thick dining room table.  However, you’d be surprised at how often that vise came in handy for cooking tasks — pickle jar lid stuck, just put it in the vise.

What about you?