Coffee Brake: When You Die…What’s In The Barn?

Time for this week’s Coffee Brake, where we take a break from our normal drivel and percolate some new ideas.  When you die and your descendants start to liquidate your assets so they can get that cosmetic surgery they always wanted…what is in the garage?  What kind of barn finds are they gonna find when you croak?

I plan on buying and selling many cars before my time on this planet runs out, but one set of keys that will probably be pried from my cold dead hands are the keys to my 1969 Mustang Fastback.  It isn’t the nicest 69 Fastback you’ll find around, or by any stretch the most valuable, but I’ve personally loosened and tightened 90% of the bolts on this thing for past 15 years.  It is one of those cars that I’ve become so familiar with the its ins/outs that selling it would require such a long list of information that I’d probably run out of characters in the listing (is that even possible on craigslist?).   With any luck a flying car will be this thing’s stablemate when kick the bucket, or an aircooled 911. 

What will be in your barn when you fall asleep that final time?