Coffee Brake: What’s the Everyman’s 911 Alternative?

This Coffee Brake brings a challenge to readers seeking maximum explosion per monetary input, as the popular saying goes. Our fellow cost-conscious gear head, Rod, writes:

My question is for
DTers is: what car can the everyman acquire and maintain that offers most of
the 911 experience but without burning your life savings?”

With the entry ticket to Porsche 911 ownership rapidly approaching the cost commissioning a functional copy planished entirely from gold leaf, the question is of increasing importance. What defines the 911 experience? What bits can be left out for the sake of savings?

Exempli Gratia: The right Corvair has dual carbureted air-cooled flat 6 power, a 4-speed, and front disk brakes, which all sounds quite vintage 911 like if you ask us. Does that really equate to a $150,000 demerit? We eagerly await your thoughts.