Coffee Brake: What’s The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Driven or Borrowed?

As we recover from the 26-gun salute that was DT’s ABCs for our 2nd birthday celebration yesterday, the DT crew and myself (CFlo) were looking through the massive list of fun & quirky machines thinking, “which one of these would be the best to drive, but not to own?” I’d probably pick the Lancia Fulvia myself – it would be great to borrow one from a friend, but I wouldn’t want to deal with it’s everyday needs. I also wondered about our readers – so tell us: What’s the coolest car you’ve ever borrowed (or driven for a bit) that wasn’t yours?

On a related note our buddy DWood was in town recently and borrowed back his former ride, the DTM5, from me for the week. He got to enjoy the driving experience without worrying about fixing or maintaining anything on the car – just gas it up and go. Low stress enjoyment of a badass machine sounds like a good deal to me.

When answering the Coffee Brake question – realize that it doesn’t have to be the coolest car necessarily – could be the most memorable, fastest, most awful, smelliest, etc. Just the one that stands out that didn’t have your name on the title. Comments below!