Coffee Brake: What Is Your Favorite Non-Car Hobby?

It is no surprise to find that many of the folks who read, write, lurk, and comment on this website are die-hard car fans, but what else can you do?  Let’s dive into some of the hobbies that aren’t associated with mutli-wheeled monstrosities and see where the conversation goes.

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My choice of non-car hobby is working with wood.  I’m not particularly accomplished or good at it (who has time to play in the garage when you’ve got a Saab to keep on the road?), but the medium is fascinating.  Wood can be forgiving and temperamental all at the same time, and each piece is entirely unique.  I’ve built a few book cases, entertainment centers, tables, and garage shelving over the years.  My favorite tool is the biscuit joiner (like this cheapo Chicago Electric version for $65, or a nicer Makita version for $177) because that thing can easy work of joining wood at various angles without the need to do all kinds of special dove tail splines and other advanced techniques that I just don’t understand. 

What do you enjoy doing that isn’t car related?  Comments below.