Coffee Brake: What Is The Most Beautiful Car?

If you haven’t been following the lengthy discussion on the Legacy GT post from earlier this week, you may have missed some great discussions between K2 Mystery Car & Fleetwood T Brougham on just what makes a beautiful car and who makes them.  For this week’s Coffee Brake, I’d like to open up the discussion with what I think is the most beautiful car for sale today.

Today’s cars are so burdened with impact, visibility, & safety regulations that getting a beautiful design through the DOT is almost impossible.  So much so, that when a beautiful design appears, it is a surprise.  The 2011 unveiling of the Jaguar C-X16 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show was one of those surprises and to see a company like Jaguar come back from the dead with such a beauty gives hope for the future.  The F-Type production car is no less stunning and for my money, the F-Type Coupe is just about the best looking new car money can buy.

 Images from Jaguar. What do you think is the prettiest new car for sale?