Coffee Brake: What Is The Best Mod You’ve Ever Done To A Car?

As gearheads we constantly think about modifying cars, imagining what engine goes in the back of an engine-less 911 or dream up ways to ruin out wife’s car(s)…but sometimes we get a mod right.  My own favorite modification was a simple sway bar installed in the rear of a Volkswagen Passat many years ago. It absolutely transformed the front drive sedan from an under steering pig to a capable cone carver.  What is  your most successful mod?

I had a chance to drive the ex-DTPC Volvo 242, which has been transformed by its new owner from a floating mess of worn out stock suspension to unimaginably stiff coil over setup. It transitions like a maniac and only needs a proper amount of engine power and some grippy tires to take advantage of the newfound chassis. 

Maybe you haven’t machined solid bushings out of delrin for a 30 year old Volvo, but everyone has at least added an ipod connector to a stereo.  What was your best work?  Comments below.