Coffee Brake: What Do Readers Want To See On The Site?

As readers of this site you are given the remarkable opportunity to go anywhere else in the world wide web and read someone else…but for some reason readers keep coming back.  So, instead of continuing to push whatever junk we find (or get tipped) on a regular basis, perhaps I could take this opportunity to ask what do you want to see more/less of on this site?

Maybe you are hardcore into JDM stuff and you want us to find the best Bōsōzoku style cars on the internet?  Maybe you want us to have more special feature stories and less normal features.  More short blurbs on interesting cars? Or more detailed analysis of the cars we feature?

Maybe you are really into heavily depreciated luxury cars and you want to see more of those and less driver condition 60s Muscle cars…or vise-versa.  Maybe you think we should just keep up the same stuff and ignore any feedback because that is probably what will happen.  Comments below.