Coffee Brake: There Is No Replacement for Depreciation

Welcome to another edition of Daily Turismo’s Coffee Brake, where the brakes are smoking hot and the coffee is in a cold drum. Today’s Coffee Brake question comes from DT reader Scirocconuts who writes “Maybe you could do one of those reader questions where the topic is this: find the car with the biggest difference between sticker price and
current price
(adjusted for inflation).  Must be in good
enough shape to be a daily (or at least weekend) driver.” 
Challenge accepted.

According to (which is oddly one of the best resources for quick and accurate post 1988 car specifications) this 1991 BMW 850i cost $77,700 MSRP (before options).  Adjusted for inflation that is $135,917.95 today according to the bureau of labor statistics CPI inflation calculator.  The 850i is for sale in the SF Bay Area for a $5,000 asking price, meaning it is offered for 3.7% of the original sticker price.  Reminds me of a few stocks I purchased around 2007…

Find a car with a bigger difference between sticker price and
current price — but remember it has to be daily drivable.  Comments below.