Coffee Brake: Steak, Gasoline, & Mastering The Road

Welcome to another edition of Daily Turismo’s Coffee Brakewhoa whoa, hit that left pedal buddy, this ain’t a Friday…shhhh, no one will notice — today, we’ve got a report from the field.  DT’s Logo guru and Neptune bound migrant rock farmer took his 1994 Buick Roadmaster on a 390 mile trip from Half Moon Bay to the greater Los Angeles area via the scenic Highway 101.  Any guesses on fuel economy for the beast?

The following is a collection of text messages Kaibeezy sent from the road:

250-ish miles, 4:00 elapsed – dinner stop at Cool Hand Luke‘s in Santa
Maria – mumble mumble copyright infringement? – ordering the famous
tri-tip, will send photo

Travel has been basically dull – minimal traffic, perfect conditions –
verrrry few DT-type cars – an E30, a Beetle convertible, a 70s Ford
family truckster, a brick, an Impala SS, a 60s Ranchero, and that’s
really it – want to be invisible? – a Honda Pilot would do it, seen more
than expected

Roadmaster is serene, effortless on this road – gas mileage is going to be surprisingly good – we can do a quizzer on it

Sadly, no one seems to be noticing – no thumbs-ups or smiles – just dull
cars and their cargo droning along – self driving cars can’t come soon
enough to end all the misery – we gearheads can build a fancy ‘lectronic
simulator, strap ourselves in and go forever – head in a jar, whatever

There’s my pile of meat – ping ya later

7 hours and 15 minutes later, Kaibeezy arrived at DT’s “studio” to record a few episodes of the Daily Turismo Radio Show…any guesses on the fuel economy to the nearest tenth of a gallon?  Drop your best guess in the comments below.