Coffee Brake: Shipwrecked

For this week’s Coffee Brake, I’d like to shift from the serious, Pulitzer prize potential stories that we normally run and instead talk about something on the lighter side.  Imagine for a minute that you are marooned on a deserted island, but that island has a nice set of roads (think road to Hana) and an obscenely large gravity fed gas station tank.  So, what car do you drive every day for the rest of your life as you live in solitary — BUT it has to be a car that you own currently or owned in the past.

I’d pick the E36 M3 that I owned a few years back — it wasn’t the fastest car on the block, but it had a combination of usability (a few car seats fit in the back) trackability (it crushed cones at autocross on some of the worlds worst and most worn out tires) and basic ruggedness.    Oh yeah, did I mention that this island is on a major shipping lane and occasionally packages wash ashore that contain spare parts for your car?

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