Coffee Brake: Road Sander

Time for our weekly episode of Coffee Brake, where the coffee tastes like asbestos and the brakes are short pressed.   Today, we hand the keys over to DT regular contributor K2 Mystery Car who sent us an idea, a few pictures, and words to go with it — here it is:

(K2 Mystery Car) So this is one of my Holy Grails of Cardom, a real unicorn and I am a unicorn hunter…For
years I’ve heard that Packard offered a rare option for an automated
“sander” system controlled by the driver. When stuck in snow or
on ice, drivers could dump sand in front (the attached photo is not of an exhaust!) of the rear tires via a switch.

I couldn’t find any proof and resigned myself to the fact that it was
just an urban legend. A while ago, I made an acquaintance online and we
got to discussing rare options and it came up. They said it was real and
they could prove it! Well, they were right and sent me actual pictures
of the system. 

DT Editor-Vince:  A quick google search for Highway Safety Appliance Inc Sander and found the following: A 1949 Patent for said device, a vintage newspaper advertisement for the sander and a nice youtube video of the “Sander” in action. 

Imagine all the kids in the 1950s using the sander in summertime so they can do “burnouts” in their underpowered family sedans.  Got an idea for a Coffee Brake feature?  Send it here: