Coffee Brake: iOttie Easy One Touch 2

For this week’s Coffee Brake, I review a cell phone mount for your car: If you spend any appreciable amount of time in your car, you might find yourself shoving your cell phone in all kinds of weird places that it doesn’t belong.  This is particularly the case with older cars, you know, the ones without cup holders or pockets designed for more than 0.05 Gs– but don’t fret because a simple/cheap item might make a big difference on your commute.  The iOttie Easy Touch 2 is easily the best cell phone mount that I’ve ever used…so good that I purchased 3 of them, one for each in my fleet.

You can get the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 here on Amazon for $19.95 with free shipping for Amazon prime members. It is a suction cup/sticky cup design that is much better than the vent clip options (I think those would pulverize the aging plastic vents in most of my cars) — however, there have been reports of the sticky thing leaving a ring on your dash (Goo Gone should take care of it…), so you could also stick it to your windshield instead.   Regardless, there is lots of flexibility in how/where your phone ends up after you attach the suction cup. Adjustability is excellent, you can easily slide the phone in/out/up/down/left/right and orient it on-the-fly.

iOttie has released a new version (the Touch 3 V2.0) that claims to have slightly more grip to fit things like the iPhone 6S+ with one of those huge Otterbox cases.