Coffee Brake: Help Out A So Cal High School Auto Shop

DT regular contributor Scot C posted a link on our facebook page and asked that we help spread the word about an auto shop class that needs a few bones.  Maybe it’s a good day to skip your afternoon Starbucks Harbor Freight run today and donate $5 to a worthy cause. Head over to kickstarter and check out the plans to restart an auto shop program in La Canada Flintridge, CA.

Gavin Williams has already donated a significant portion of the cash and is going to invest a big chunk of his time into giving a few dozen kids the opportunity to wrench on a ’53 Chevy pickup in between instagramming each other.  All you need to do is throw in a few bucks (we just did!), because in a world filled with self driving cars, dropping teenage license rates and general apathy towards anything not on a touchscreen, this is a worthy cause.