Coffee Brake: Heavy Metal

Today’s Coffee Brake topic comes from Michael B who writes: After watching this video on Chris Runge’s Frankfurt Flyer I became interested in metal fabrication. I’ve always been partial to the metalwork on older Porsches like the 904 and 917 m’self.  My assumption is that most early cars were hand-hammered around
wooden forms, though I’ve not researched this at all. Just a long-held
assumption. Which connects to why the older cars are so fascinating to
me — the idea that human hands and simple tools created such wonderful

I’m curious what metalwork speaks to other DT readers and why.

DT Editor Vince: Personally I’ve been drawn by the allure of doing my own metal fabrication — of course it will have to wait until the kids are older and I’ve got more spare time, but I can imagine enjoying building some fender flares for a Mercury Capri rally beast– but I’d probably spend so much time on building my own DIY tools (shrinker/stretcher) that by the time I got to making the pieces I’d probably want to take a break and go inside and watch holographic cat videos…the future is going to be awesome.  Anyway, enjoy this video about Chris Runge’s Frankfurt Flyer.

Any metal fabricators out there in the audience?