Coffee Brake: Halloween Costume Time

As the festival of women dressed like skanks known as Halloween approaches, it is a time to consider appropriate costumes for grown men…particularly grown men who like cars. So, pick your favorite automotive hero (dead or alive) and build yourself a costume.  In classic DT fashion, the cheaper the better, and who doesn’t love an obscure reference to the engineer who invented the side view mirror?

South African born Tesla Motors CEO Elon “Iron Man” Musk makes an easy costume.  You just need a fitted black t-shirt with a Iron Man style heart/power core that has a Tesla emblem in the middle.  You could just get it digitally printed on the shirt, but bonus points if you put blue LEDs inside the shirt.

Swiss born Maximum Bob Lutz makes another great and simple car related costume; just wear some classic 60s style business wear, some big sunglasses and a cigar.  Be obnoxious. Done. 

If you really need to pull off an awesome costume, you might want to consider sourcing your idea from a movie, like Jack Lemmon’s iconic Professor Fate in The Great Race.  You’ll need a top hat, curled mustache, long coat and gloves.  Scream MAAAAAAXX, press the button!! at random times. 

Have a suggestion?  Comments below.