Coffee Brake: The Future Of Cool

The future is a scary place, especially when you look at the emergence of electric cars, self driving cars, and the general condition of the automotive market today.  What will be cool to drive in 20 years isn’t the question — but, will it be cool to drive at all?  Electric cars aren’t a bad thing by themselves, the brush-less DC motors and energy dense batteries found in RC cars is particularly exciting, but cars driving themselves will certainly take the fun out of something as exotic as a Ferrari. However, you won’t need to ride in some worthless self-driving cube a few decades from now because the cars for sale today will be future depreciated classics.  The question for discussion today is — what car in showrooms today is going to be your future cheap driver?

Image from Zanthia on flickr

For me, the answer is simple.  Find the most expensive, technology-laden luxury sedan you can find and just wait for time to hand it to you on a gilded plate of depreciation and out of warranty repair bills.  The 2015 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive edition starts at an MSRP of $200,500 according to the Porsche USA website.  Buyers of this car can expect to lose $150k minimum in the first 5-7 years of ownership, and just imagine what it will be worth after 20 years and 150k miles.  $15k?  $10k? $500?

Pic from Porsche website.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it is hideous?  Hideous in a Godzilla stepped on a Porsche Cayenne sort of way, but hideous enough that it won’t suddenly become the apple of some investor’s eye and there is no way it will ever be collectable until prices have hit rock bottom for a few decades. 

What are you going to pickup for cheap in 2034?  Maybe a Subaru BRZ from the change you find in your W123 Benz cup holders?  A Tesla Model S with a carburetor fed Chevy 350 V8?  The future is going to be awesome!!  Comments below.