Coffee Brake: Forgotten Heroes of the Tool Box

Coffee Brake & Blue Glove Tool Review: If you are anything like the typical Daily Turista (cheap used car collector keeper) you probably spend a fair amount of your time in the garage…okay, more than a fair amount of time, you probably know your tools better than your kids.  But, like your kids, you have favorites — tools that get regular attention, cleaning, and show up on your Christmas cards. However, there are always a few tools that don’t get regular attention, but perform flawlessly when you require and don’t need a bunch of attention.  These are — the Forgotten Heroes of the Tool Box!  Today’s hero is a collection of little bastards that…no really, I’m not hurling pejoratives, they really are little dirty bastards.  The hero is a simple 3-piece file set that contains a mill bastard, round bastard, and half-round bastard.

Any mechanic, craftsman, or hack who works around metal/wood/plastic will instantly recognize the utility of the simple metal file.  They don’t/shouldn’t cost a bunch of money and you don’t need a huge set with a fancy pearl inlaid box.  They do, however, need to have large & comfortable handles and be heavy enough that you can get your elbow into whatever you need to file.  The ones pictured here is a 3-piece set of Craftsman 8-inch files that you can buy for $21.99 on, but you could also pickup a 6-piece set of Woodstock metal files (includes some square and triangular pieces that can be handy for) for $20.63 via and DT makes a few pennies if you buy those via our amazon affiliate program.  

So, what do you use these little bastards for?  Well, any time you need to remove a small amount of metal, wood, plastic, papier-mâché, or whatever from anything — you can just whip out the file and hack away — no special tools, training or safety measures needed…well…you should probably wear eye protection (and gloves if you are dealing with metal) but there are all kinds of videos on youtube showing you how to use your file if you can’t figure it out.

What about you — what is the forgotten hero of your toolbox?