Coffee Brake: DT’s 2nd Birthday Next Week

Has it already been 12 months since the 50 Cars in 24 Hrs DT Birthday Celebration? Two years since this site started? That is right, and since it all began we’ve had over 2.5 million page views, 2350 posts, hundreds of complaints from XYZ car fans who didn’t like the way we called their favorite car abhorrent, scores of buyers/sellers who have found/lost their car via this website and dozens of angry drunk calls from our lawyers.  Anyway, next week we are going to do some birthday celebrating, culminating with Daily Turismo’s ABCs of cheap used cars.  School is in session. 

In the meantime, I think it would be a good time to poll our dear readers (that would be you, unless you are a spam bot) to see if there are any special features you’d like to see as part of the next week’s festivities. 

Anything you’d like to see in the DT birthday celebration next week?   Comments below.

Last thought: I have run out of Reader Rides to post, so if you didn’t see yours, please send me a note (; it may have fallen through the cracks. If you’ve got a car to submit, send us the details.