Coffee Brake: Car Show Season

Coffee Brake: As the Northeastern part of this great country comes out of its annual period hibernation, one of these best things to look forward to are car shows.  It might be a weekly cars and coffee, or an annual pilgrimage, but gearheads from San Diego to Madawaska shake the snow (or sand) off their boots and prime their carbs for the start of car show season.  What do you look forward to?

Personally, some of my favorite car shows are the local weekly gatherings that attract a random group of folks.  The Friday afternoon gathering at Ruby’s in Redondo Beach that runs from spring through fall is a great example of that small town car show feel, even when you are in a big town. 

The Long Beach Grand Prix (April 17-19, 2015) isn’t a car show, but it is a great place to get your fill of racing exhaust fumes, and the convention center is filled with all manner of show cars and stuff to check out.  The best part is that you can get totally free tickets to the Friday practice session at local grocery stores.

This year on May 16th, the 3rd Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute Car Show will take place at the Carroll Shelby International Inc headquarters located in sunny Gardena, CA.   I had the pleasure of attending the first annual event in 2013 and it was small, intimate, and filled with all manner of Shelby classics.

Irvine Cars and Coffeewould absolutely make this list — it was a wonderful gathering of classics, held in a Ford/Mazda parking lot in Orange County, CA.  Unfortunately the event has run its course and was officially canceled due to lack of location, but the C&C facebook page claims they are looking for other spots.

What car shows, gearhead gatherings, or local events are you looking forward to?