Coffee Brake: Birthday Badges Wrap-Up

A few weeks ago we celebrated DT’s 4th Birthday with a huge selection of 100 cars from the past 100 years, and graphics guru Kaibeezy put together a bonus quiz regarding the badges.  Prizes were promised for those with good answers and it is time to deliver — the following people get a nice, signed, dedicated 8×10 of
their favorite KBZ artwork. Matt Cramer, Zach, Paulmar, Mister Lou, Hunter, & Scot.


A quick look at the winners from the Badges Quiz:


Matt Cramer 

– 4 good answers.


– Libellula, I just like saying it

– Crocs is a great answer!


– 4 good answers.

Mister Lou

– Nice individual effort. Who cares what The Man says?


– Among the best.


– Prize for showing up.



What is KBZ artwork?  Any of the decade based badges above would count, same with something like the DailyTurismo logo at the top of the page, or any of the various badges you’ve seen plastered over this website.  Don’t know what to get — just ask KBZ to surprise you!

To claim your signed, dedicated 8×10 of your favorite KBZ artwork, please e-mail an addresses and dedication
requests to we’ll take care of the rest.