Coffee Brake: Abstract Thoughts

Welcome to Coffee Brake, DT’s weekly diatribe on something totally unrelated to reality.  I’ve made it no secret that I am a serious curmudgeon when it comes to art.  It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the thought and effort that went into modern art and abstract expression, it is simply that I find them unappealing to the eye/ear/soul.  Give me a good piece of classical art from antiquity or some medieval work where the artists didn’t even understand perspective over some pile of junk thrown on canvas in a fit of drunken rage by some beatnik — and the same goes for music.  It is therefore with great glee that I share Jon Benjamin’s foray into experimental Jazz, an album titled “well I should have…*” with the subtitle “*Learned How To Play Piano.”

John Benjamin is the voice of Sterling Archer on FX’s hit animated show Archer, and the lead character on Bob’s Burgers on Fox.  He is totally untrained on the piano, and may have just trolled the entire abstract music (and art) scene in the most hilarious way possible — just listen to his interview with Robert Siegel on NPR’s fresh air.