Coffee Brake: 4 Years Later…

It has been almost 4 years since this website stormed out into the wild and declared to the world in a loud voice: WE FEATURE THE BESTEST CARS ON THE INTERWEBS.  In those 4 years, DT might not be as popular as a 4 day old web phone game about Pokemon, but at least DT hasn’t caused car accidents.  Anything someone might do in a DT purchased car is never an accident and almost certainly on purpose. 

You may remember that we’ve done something special for each of DT’s previous birthdays (July 17th).

1st Birthday was 50 cars in 24 hrs — Gone in 60 Seconds style — all written/published in one day.

2nd Birthday was DT’s ABCs — the Alphabet of Awesome.

3rd Birthday DT Fleet, Call for writers, and Patreon launch

This year…well…prepare for something awesome happening on Monday, but in the meantime, we will be light on content for July 17th (Sunday) and then will hit the celebration hard on July 18th (Monday).