Coffee Brake: The 4 Year Itch

The recent Mid Week Match-Up request from Jdah got me thinking when he mentioned “just off lease” cars.  Look, for all the bravado we shell out about how great it is to own used cars, I appreciate new cars as much as the next guy, the technology, smell of outgassing plastic, gadgets, and styling are all very tempting…but dropping the price of a South Dakota townhouse on my daily driver just seems extreme.  However, if you wait 4 years, that new car drops to the price of a North Dakota townhouse and it is still geologically new.  The question for today’s Coffee Brake discussion is: what is the best 2011-2012 model year car you’d buy today?

Vince: One of my favorite four year old cars is the 2011 Mustang, this was the first year of the Coyote 5.0 V8 (412 horsepower and 390 ft-lbs of torque) and they feature the revised fifth generation styling (2010+). If you buy one new it’ll cost at least $35k before options, but if you can find them used near $20k — like this 2011 Ford Mustang GT offered for $22,980 buy-it-now here on eBay.  The other potentials in the Ford family for 1/2 off MSRP is a 2011 Ford F150 V6 EcoBoost or a 2011 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost.

Gianni: I was gonna say the NC Miata of course, as I’m sure the values have
taken a hit with the release of the ND, but I think the NC will be
thought of as the Miata that lost its way. I’m not a big fan of modern
German cars and I think an off lease 2011 will be just getting to the
eat you alive or at least your wallet stage. So I’m thinking Mazdaspeed
3. 280 some hp turbo in a relatively small and lively package. The only
challenge would be to find one without moonshot mileage or stupid mods
by the flat brim hat crowd.  Here is a 2012 Mazdaspeed3 in SF Bay Area craigslist for $12,155 from a dealer.

What would you buy from 2011-2012?  Comments below.