Clutch Player: 1996 Jaguar XJR 5 Speed

Before Jaguar sold out and went mainstream, they offered a surprising amount of cool stuff for car that was sold new to a bunch of stuffy rich folks.  Available power in the X300 generation (1994-1997) was either a big revv-happy inline-6, or a thundering V12 — and if you wanted the car to handle better than the Queen Mary, you got the inline-6.  Find this 1996 Jaguar XJR 5 Speed offered for $14,999 in Chicago, IL via Hemmings. Tip from Bubba.

A 3-pedal Jaguar saloon car isn’t just strange…it is awesome and strange.  You could get the XJR with a 5-speed, but not in the United States, so somebody swapped a Getrag gearbox into the spot originally occupied by a GM 4-speed auto and the rest is tire-smoking-clutch-dumping history. The 4.0 liter AJ inline-6 in this M5 competitor is boosted to 322 horsepower from the factory with an Eaton supercharger.

 See a better way to get your Grey Poupon from point A to point B very quickly?