Clown Shoe Bumper: 1974 Checker Marathon

This next car comes as a tip from Hugh who writes; What lasts 26.2 miles?It’s brown! It’s a wagon! It’s a SBC in a non-GM vehicle! Sounds like the Turismo trifecta to me. Yes indeed, this car does have all of the classic styled you’d expect from a car that started production in Kalamzoon Michigan in 1963 and continued with almost zero cosmetic/style changes through 1982. The biggest style change you’d find on a Marathon was the addition in 1974 of the cow-catcher 5mph bumpers that you see featured on this next beauty. Side note; I seriously wonder if 5mph bumpers had a net effect of saving money or cost more money to the consumer in the long run (contrary to popular belief, they had nothing to do with saving lives, but had to do with protecting the consumer and insurance agencies from costs associated with small fender benders). The 5mph bumper standard was reduced to a 2.5mph standard in 1983, but you have to wonder if all of the costs associated with these changes were just passed on to the consumer and the entire fiasco actually cost us more money. Food for thought. Find this 1974 Checker Marathon bidding for $4,262 in Sun City, AZ via eBay with a few hours to go.

From the seller:

About this vehicle
This 1974 Checker Marathon is an original. The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle is drivable.
Seller’s Notes
1974 checker wagon
Vehicle Details
1974 checker marathon station wagon. 1974 was the last year for the station wagon and the first year for the true extruded aluminum bumpers for a 25 mph impact back were bumpers were made for bumping things..I believe they only built 24 of them.This car runs and drives, this car belonged to a friend of mine who had a large collection of checkers and supplied vintage checkers to the movie industy, if you are looking for a unique car this is the car for you. Checkers are a blast to drive and every time I stop for gas it’s an adventure, everyone loves to tell checker stories and some just want to know what the car is. This car has a venerable 350 engine the bullet proof turbo 400 transmission and a dana 44 rear end and front disc brakes. This car also has a heavy duty hitch for towing your boat or an airstream. The car also has aftermarket heavy duty sway bars that came from checker parts in california.

This car handles like a slot car.. It’s corners great and doesn’t lean at all. I have taken the car on short drives it’s drives well, it’s been sitting roughly for five years. This is a running driving car, it can be restored or driven as is, it has a fold down back seat that gives you 8 feet of flat floor that is full 4 feet wide. Perfect for camping. Glass is good, carpet is like new. Very clean inside, perforated headliner is in great condition. The checkers came with battleship lineoleum this is showing little wear and the rub strips on inner wheel wells are in great shape as well. Lights signals and gauges all work .It has rust on the rear of the car please see the pics. Anything I can answer please ask. The car has all the a/c equipment but doesn’t blow cold. Half of the final bid is due within 5 days balance is due within 10 days. This car is in great shape for its age but it 46 years old so unfortunately I’m selling it as is. All funds must clear before the car is released. I can can store the car for 30 days. I am not accepting pay pal for this car.

Did the seller of this vehicle actually say that it handles “like a slot car” and that it “doesn’t lean at all”…why do I find that hard to believe? Anyway, see another turismo trifecta? Send it here;