Classic Truck: 1936 International Harvester C-35

About 90 years ago there was a company out of Chicago, IL that built some big trucks. If you don’t know the International Harvester company, then perhaps you should spend some time reading about the rise and fall of a classic American business (IH sold the core business items to a Dutch company in the 1980s), or you could own an artifact of that business that was built before WWII. Find this 1936 International Harvester C-35 offered for $15,000 in Sagle, ID via crashcrash bookbook. Tip from John W.

From the seller:

1936 CS-35 international (reduced)
Listed a week ago in Sagle, ID
If anybody out there is interested in a very nice and totally unique drivable piece of History then please hit me up or pass it along much appreciated!
1936 international flatbed almost completely original, original miles 46,000
$15,000, significantly less than what I have into her, and definitely less than what she’s worth judging by looking at similar vehicles listed on this page and other vintage truck pages over the past 3 years.

Located in Sagle ID

My shop burned down last fall and took my mother’s house with it. Don’t have any place to store this, (I got lucky and had a place to put it over the winter) and some injection of moolah would be quite nice! I’m not willing to wiggle on the price this is by far fair for what it is!

This is a truly awesome and unique historical piece. Price is much less than I have into her over 3 years of restoration. I’ve managed to replace parts with mostly new Old stock parts, with a few exceptions. I’m only the fourth owner, this has been stored inside it’s whole life.

Has an original 1930s St Christopher medallion medal made in Italy the patron saint of travel! This belonged to a nunnery in colville Washington for about 60 years, they used it to haul meed to market.

Runs great, clean title! Has a few little issues but to be honest I’ve been working on this thing for a long time and it’s just so old and original that it’s difficult to avoid having little issues no matter what you do. Main issues would be leaky water pump, you can find a new (Old stock) one on the internet I have but never bought one, and it could use a new set of tires but I was having issues finding people who would do split rims.

Brand new battery, fuel system just went through, brand new brake system rebuild. A lot of the little accoutrements and stuff have been redone as well, so nearly all the little detail stuff works!

It’s a beautiful girl and I hate to see her go but life is not the easiest thing to survive.

Serious inquiries only will not hold!

See a better way to drive something from another era?