Classic Car Fire Sale: 70s Vista Cruiser, 71 Ranchero, 62 Jag MkX, etc

I really hate to be a classic car vulture, but when I see an advertisement like this next one, I feel a tingle on the back of my featherless head. All of these cars are offered for basic sub $7k asking prices and all seem to be not more than a good weekend of wrenching away from driving home. Because that is the dream — fly in to buy a car for cheap in a distant town, fix it on the side of the road and drive it home. Find this collection of “Antique Car sell offs” for $3700-to-$6900, 70s Vista Cruiser, 71 Ranchero, 62 Jaguar MkX, 87 BMW 325, 86 Corvette, 71 Checker Marathon, in Emeryville, CA via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:

1969 Buick Jaguar Oldsmobile BMW
fuel: gas
odometer: 999999
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
Hello Craigslist:

Vista cruiser wagon with good modern impala SS engine haphazardly plopped in the bay. Has rust. Has title. Has cool plates. $6500

71 ranchero 351/auto/hideaway headlight car- Runs but needs a ton. Was bright yellow. $3900

62 Jaguar mk10- bought from the original owner. Never seen rain or a night outside. $6500 not running, has small pink slip. Extra trans and more. Very good car

1987 BMW 325, runs, not smogged or titled. Has all the papers you need. Best price of the bunch $3700.

1986 Corvette, bought from the original owner, has the original tires. Lots of power, holds a charge forever, some creaks and groans from the suspension. 41k miles. $6900 you smog and repair.
1971 Checker Marathon, title, no fees.
Engine stuck, may come loose with a top end re-do. Great stout GM product with a presence you can feel. Can fit a motorbike or a band in the back. $3900

Attention: “I’m interested” or “what’s your bottom dollar” will be deleted. If you KNOW this is the car you want and just need to hash out a deal we will service your needs efficiently and pleasantly.
If you’re thinking 1/2 price offer don’t bother!

See a better way to buy in bulk?