Classic Americana: 1970 Ford XL Convertible

This next car comes as a tip from BP who writes: What’s not to love? Something to watch on the first day of summer soon. 13 days left on bidding. 88k. Clean underside. Sweet. OK, needs wheels, but those will give you some idea of how long this has been sitting idle in some garage as I see it a.k.a. I would not be seen in public with ’em. Find this 1970 Ford XL Convertible bidding for $3,500 with 10 days to go, located in Oklahoma City, OK.

From the seller:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Black and white leather

There were more than 20 models and trims in Ford’s full-size lineup for 1970, but only one of them was offered as a convertible: the XL. This 1970 Ford XL Convertible, in black, is said to have a rebuilt engine and recently installed tires. It is presented in running, driving condition, but with some noted wear, minor rust, and a few other needs. The selling dealer rates it in #4 condition.

The “Y” in the VIN of this vintage Ford indicates a OHV V8 engine, which the seller says has been rebuilt. The photos show it is equipped with an aluminum intake manifold and a Holley carburetor. It reportedly starts easily and idles well, with no smoke or leaks. There are no leaks, either, from the automatic transmission. It has no reported shifting issues, but the seller notes it takes a minute of warm-up for the transmission to go into gear.

“The paint is OK, but not show quality,” says the seller, who notes the black finish’s age is unknown. There are numerous reported chips and a few scratches in the paint, along with some rust bubbles where the trunk lid aligns with the convertible top’s trim, as well as on the driver’s door, near the lock. There’s also a paint bubble on the left-front fender and quarter panel. The convertible top reportedly opens and closes, but the top is worn and the seller says it needs to be replaced. There are no referenced chips or cracks in the windshield, but the seller notes some wiper scratches and other wear, along with some scratches on the side windows. The seals are aged and have some cracks and missing chunks. As for the exterior lights, one of the low-beam headlamps does not work. The high beams are functional. There are no reported issues with the hidden headlamp doors.

This Ford’s black-and-white leather interior wears new upholstery and carpet, according to the seller, and they appear in very good condition. The door panels appear custom-stitched to match the seat covers and show minimal wear in the photos. The dash pad also appears in good shape, but the rest of the interior needs some attention. The fuel gauge and clock are inoperable, but the rest of the instruments are said to be in working order, including a pair of aftermarket oil pressure and temperature gauges. The heater and the factory air conditioning system are not operable, either, and the knob for the windshield wipers is broken. The car has manual windows, but they reportedly do not raise to their full positions. A modern radio with a USB port, satellite capability, and Bluetooth has been fitted and is said to work well.

The service history of the chassis, brakes, and suspension of this XL is unknown, but “slight play” in the steering system and “soft brakes” are the only reported issues. The car rolls on 205/75R15 Saffiro SF 3000 whitewall tires of unspecified vintage, and DOT date codes are not visible in the photos. They’re mounted on chrome wire wheels that appear in good condition, but the seller notes a “slight” rust spot on the right-rear rim.

See a better way to drive something black?