Citroën Power: 1984 Tri-Hawk 3-Wheeler

This next car is an interesting piece of work…and where it gets really interesting is when the seller says it has a 4-cylinder aircooled engine, but it isn’t a VW. So, who else built air-cooled 4-cylinder engines that could be easily adapted to drive the front wheels of an oddball? How about Citroën? They made a car in the 1970s-80s called the GS (and later the GSA) that fit the bill and a crazy man named Lou Richards designed this thing and Hawk Vehicles in California that built about 100 of these things before the rights were apparently sold to Harley Davidson. Find this 1984 Tri-Hawk 3-Wheeler offered with a starting bid of $10k in Boerne, TX via eBay. Tip from Hugh.

From the seller:

This is a very unusual motorcar. It has only 10,305 miles. Has Stereo, and Heater. It has a 4 cylinder 5 Speed Transmission and nice Bucket Seats. The motor is not a VW. Has Row Bar and lots of Extras. This is a lot of fun and everybody wants to know what it is. I wish I didn’t have to sell, but I had a stroke and parallized ny right side. I’m 72. I have had a lot of fun and hope someone else can now. I live in Boerne, Texas right North 20 miles of San Antonio, Texas. Ask me any Questions you’d like. I would drive it Anywhere right now. Was planning on California before Stroke. This is very low milage and well taken care of. No tears or accidents. Tires or like new. Have lots of extras that go with it. Ask for details. Thank you for looking. For more pics. just call me at (210)317-3399 It also has side doors with windows and a Heater for cold weather. They only made 90 of these from1983 84 85. There are only about 30 some still out there. Harley Davidson bought the company in 1985 but did nothing. I have taken 49mph curves at 80mph. Sits low to the ground and won’t flip. It is the same as a Lotus 7 race car.

See a better way to drive something strange?