Circle of life: 2003 Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa

What kind of car would you drive if you had life by the balls?  How about a sexy red Italian convertible with a fancy sounding manu-matic transmission?  You can be on top of the world one day and just as easily crash back to earth the next.  We have just that type of story here with this 2003 Maserati Spyder in Newtown, CT for $11,000 via craigslist.

This Maserati Spyder only has 34,000 miles and has reportedly never seen rain or have been left out of the garage.  The car looks to be in near new condition for a car from 2003 and has a beautiful red full leather interior.  It was the sellers dream car as he wistfully recounts, “I bought this car was I thought I was on top of the world….sadly now I am at the bottom and this is the last piece to go.”  Divorce forces sale of this drop top and he is a very motivated to move the car.

The car has one notable fault: the Cambiocorsa transmission is in need of a new clutch.  Online forums seem have wildly varying opinions as to the clutch life on these transmissions.  Some owners have reported up 50k in clutch life with others reporting only a quarter of that mileage.  A complete clutch repair will run in the vicinity of five grand. 

The Italian word Cambiocorsa translates into racing change.  This transmission can shift gears in .25 seconds in super performance mode making its changes nearly as quick as the Ferrari 360 F1 box.

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