Cher’s Underpants: 1999 Volkswagen Beetle TT-Thing

Ever see one of those cars that strikes you as “AGGG, WHAT IS THAT!?!? and then a few minutes later you say “hmmm, I kinda dig it”?  I call it the Cher’s underpants effect.  Remember when Cher danced around the stage in her underpants and her son was on stage the first rational thought is AGGGG, WHAT IS THAT!??!  and then later “hmmmm, I kinda dig it.”  Find this

1999 Volkswagen BeeTTle offered for $7,200 in Tucson, AZ via craigslist. Tip from Sean S.

It is obvious that somebody put some serious time and effort to graft the front (and rear) ends styling from an Audi TT into a New Beetle…which makes sense given the shared platform architecture, but that’s about it.  Or….could this be the Audi TT with good visibility and plenty of rear seat space that you’ve been looking for?

See a better way to drive green?