Cheap Italian: 1986 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Spider Convertible

By 1984 the Alfa Romeo Spider was in its 18th year of production, and, depending on which side of the fence you fall, it was either an aging dinosaur or a beautiful classic you could buy brand-new…and 30 years later, the jury is still out to an all-you-can-eat lasagne lunch. Find this 1986 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Spider Convertible offered for $500 in Vero Beach, FL via hemmings. Tip from BarbPaddles.

For a $500 car, this thing has some pluses — it runs/drives well and has a well preserved body, but it is infested with electrical gremlins, has faded paint, and the interior looks like a FEMA disaster zone.  It still seems like a good deal for the asking price.

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