Cheap Driver: 1995 Toyota Celica

Its been a strange recovery from the 2008 automotive crisis.  First off, the $1000 drive-able cars that used to litter craigslist/autotrader have all but disappeared, and the bottom of the heap Honda/Toyotas cost $4k.  Blame cash for clunkers for a huge number (710,000 by some accounts) reduction in cheap/running/driving cars from the marketplace, followed by slow sales in 2009, 2010, 2011…anyway, cars for $1k are usually total piles of junk in 2019…but you can find an occasional diamond in the rough. Find this 1995 Toyota Celica offered for $1200 in Boulder Creek, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1995 toyota celica

condition: good

fuel: gas

paint color: grey

title status: clean

transmission: manual

1995 toyota celica 5-speed 3.2 motor. starts , runs , shifts , drives , very well. has been and will continue to be a dependable car. tires are good, passed smog. clean title, pink in hand. grey in color. Toyotas most dependable car, the celica. Any further questions please call either number

 See a better way to drive a cheap beater?