Chameleon V8 Swapped: 1969 Toyota Crown

The 3rd generation S5 (1967-1971) Toyota Crown isn’t a car you see often on the streets in North America — probably because it wasn’t sold here in large quantities and many were lost to rust. You can’t blame poor parts supply because Toyota has always been good about supporting their used models unlike other auto OEMs (yeah…looking at you Ford). Anyway, this next example of the Crown has got to be one of the most confusing around…so confusing that I think even the seller’s camera had a hard time picking up on the colors reflecting from a holographic/color changing vinyl wrap. Combine that wrap with the built Chevy V8 under the hood with the T5 manual gearbox and you’ve got a car that is perfect for bank robberies — you’ll be faster than the average cop cruiser and they’ll never be able to issue an APB. “In pursuit of the suspects in a car…unknown make and model…with some colors that keep changing…going fast. Over.” Find this 1969 Toyota Crown offered for $12,000 CAD ($9087) in Pinetree Bay, Calgary, AB, Canada via Tip from Erik202

From the seller:

1969 Toyota Crown
Customized, Built 350 and T5 transmission. Mild cam, 4 barrel Edelbrock 650 carb and Weiland intake. Custom headers and dual high flow exhaust. Ford 9″ rear end.
Interior mostly stock. Changed out radio with 9″ touch screen, dual Type R 10″ subs with 3000watt amp and a capacitor, speakers in all doors with separate tweeters with crossovers and a second 1000w amp to drive them.
Got from bc so you’ll need to get an out of province inspection done. Just did all the brakes.

The Only Toyota Crown for sale with a V8. With the wrap that’s on it it stands out big time. Does have a couple wrinkles but I have a spare 50 meter long roll you can have. I wasn’t patient enough during the application of the wrap.

Gets more attention than an $80k corvette lol

See a better way to drive something that changes colors?