Catch my drift: 2016 Drift King Trike

I don’t know, do you blame Kenny From The Block or the Japanese who started the drift thing for this?  I get going sideways with a healthy dose of opposite lock is fun, but I’m not so sure about it when it involves a tractor seat, Harbor Freight engine and the obligatory skull.  Find this 2016 Drift King Trike for sale in Sequim, WA for $1,400 via craigslist.

There is a company in Denver Colorado making drift trikes, not sure if this is one of their creations as their only web presence is a BookFace site that hasn’t been updated in a year.  Anyway, this drift trike is powered by a 212cc Harbor Freight Predator motor “with mods.”  In stock guise it makes about 6.5hp.  Post-mod, maybe 7?  Some say that the HF motors are Chinese knock off’s of Honda motors…

On the back of the trike are some 6″ Kart tires.  I wonder what the wear rating of them is.

Would have been fun if the seller had included a video of this thing in action in their parsimonious ad.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.