Carlo’s Last: 1966 Moto Guzzi Lodola GT

I’ve been hearing a lot about “Digital Transformation” lately.  Maybe you roll your eyes when you hear buzz words, but there is something to this one.  Think about selling a bike pre-internet.  You placed an ad in a newspaper, paying for your ad by the word with real money.  Now with the interwebs it’s free and you can write ad ad as long as you want.  Someone needs to get the word out.  Find this 1966 Moto Guzzi Lodola Grand Turismo for sale in Athol, ID for $6,500 via the FREE list o’ craig.

When I click on the ad for this bike, there is more text about how to contact the seller than about the actual bike for sale.  Seems to me if you are selling a 50 year old bike from the Old Country that is purportedly a show winner for a premium price, you might want write more than 12 words about it.  My Spidey Sense leads me to believe the seller might be a bit difficult.

Anyway, the Moto Guzzy Lodola was the last bike to be manufactured under the watch of founder Carlo Guzzi.  When Carlo was still walking this earth, the Lodola was a 175cc aircooled single.  After Carlo shuffled off this mortal coil, the Lodola was enlarged to 235cc and added Gran Turismo to its name.  With the displacement change the OHV single was redesigned to use pushrods for valve actuation.  The 235cc engine was good for 11hp and a top speed of around 70mph.  1966 was the last year of this design and if my Italian is any good, 530 units were produced for 1966, out of a total 27,000 over its 10 year run.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  Being a 12 year old that never grew up, he likes saying the town where this bike is for sale.