Car Shows: Swede Fest, Redondo Beach, CA Saturday June 1, 2013

SoCal Volvo Sports America is hosting their annual Swede Fest gathering of shiny or shabby Swedish cars of all vintages this Saturday in Redondo Beach near the finish line for the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash….actually just down the street at Ruby’s diner.  Swede Fest is a free event…so naturally we will bring the DTPC down to the beach for some exercise and hope that perhaps someone will have a functioning MAF for sale.  If you are going to be at the event come by and say hi, I’m the guy in the rough running Volvo…with DT stickers on it.

Tom, the Swede Fest organizer, was nice enough to share with us a few photos from last year’s event and it looks Thorsday-arrific!

A Saabaru might be questionable, but parking your Kia in the middle of the car-show will get lingonberry sauce poured in your cupholders.

Hope to see you there.