Car Really eXplain High Falutin: 1988 Honda CRX HF

There are a few key things that I like about this next ride.  FIRST, is the color.  I’m a sucker for bronze/copper/gold paint that doesn’t look like something aftermarket rattle can job…and this looks appropriately bronze without the brassy tones you’d expect from a bad dye job.  NEXT, the price is reasonable. And finally, those two little letters HF means high fuel economy (42mpg city, 50 mpg hwy) which wasn’t achieved through hybridization but through weight loss and incredible gear ratios. Find this 1988 Honda CRX HF offered for $2,800 in Long Beach, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1988 Honda CRX 

condition: excellent 

cylinders: 4 cylinders 

fuel: gas 

paint color: orange 

size: compact 

title status: clean 

transmission: manual 

type: hatchback 

1988 Honda CRX HF 


• New Clutch installed ( shifts like butter ) 

• complete tune up done ( spark plugs, oil, coolant and ect ) 

• drove from Palmdale to Long Beach like nothing 


• 150,xxx miles ( low for a 30 year old car! ) 

• perfect A – B car 

• Smogged last week! 

• tags good until 2020

• CAR ALARM installed 

It’s my daily driver to work ( only 3 miles round trip ) and was planning on keeping it but will be leaving to the military this year and found it best to find a buyer now. If not, it’ll just sit at my grandfathers house in his garage. Rather pass this clean CRX to a new loving owner!


Car brakes starting to squeak, need to replace brakes

Windshield has a crack

Proper figment for seat brackets

Like I said, it’s my daily driver. Nothing preventing it from driving fine as-is.

See a better way to bronze?