Camaro V6 Swapped: 1978 MG MGB

This next car comes from BP who writes: Something to watch. Despite being on the rather ‘pricey’ Bring a Trailer site ( is this MGB currently at $1450 with 3 days of the 7 gone already. Surprisingly low for relative to a bunch of other B’s coincidentally listed at this time. Nevertheless, clean, interesting, and a little effort made retro too. Find this 1978 MG MGB bidding for $3,600 in Lee’s Summit, MO via

From the seller:

This 1978 MGB Roadster was acquired a decade ago by the seller, who later installed a fuel-injected 3.4-liter L32 V6 that was overhauled during the swap. Work is said to have included boring the cylinders .020″ over, polishing the crankshaft, and replacing the pistons, rings, bearings, lifters, and camshafts. A Firebird-sourced five-speed manual transmission was also added, and other changes include an aftermarket sound system, 14″ Minator-style wheels, VDO speedometer and tachometer, and a snooker cueball shift knob. Additional work under current ownership is noted to have included overhauling the front suspension, fitting polyurethane bushings, and replacing the rear axle seals, brake components, and electrical relays. This V6-powered MGB is now offered at no reserve with spare parts, accessories, and a clean Missouri title in the seller’s name.

See a better way to rock some minilites?