Call It Ishmael: 1987 Nissan Van

Picking the right tool for the right job is tantamount when striving for excellence.  Those worthless little Costco wet wipes aren’t any good after all-you-can-eat Indian food, and a proper full sized sewer clogging wet wipe might get the job done.  However, any owner of this next car must be prepared to wipe with swiffer wet mop pad because EXTREME is the new cool.  Find this 1987 Nissan Van offered for $10,000 in Chattanooga, TN via craigslist.  Tip from Matt C.

If you’ve ever driven a Nissan Van, you are probably expecting the weeble on wheels experience with a furious screaming squirrel power under your seat…but here the handling experience is slightly less nautical, but the engine power is much more speed boat than love boat.

Under that center console lives a boosted SR20DET inline-4 that is shifted with a 5-speed manual gearbox and mated to a spool rear differential.  If you don’t know what a spool is — just picture terrible noises and understeer at parking lot speeds, but drifffftttttttttttooooo when you goose the throttle.