Cafe Veloce: 2007 Ducati SportClassic Biposto

The British came up with the Cafe Racer in the late 50’s blending American Rockabilly with the British pub culture.  Rockers or Ton-Up Boys tricked out their Triumphs and BSA’s in the spirit of Isle of Man racers and challenged each other to “do the ton”.  They would drop a 45 Rockabilly single in the jukebox, run out of the pub, race up to 100 mph and then try to get back before the record finished.  The cafe style died out in the 1970’s but has made a comeback with a vengeance at the turn of the century with even continental brands such as Ducati has adopting the style.  Find this 2007 Ducati SportClassic Biposto for sale in Bothell, WA for $12,100 via craigslist.

Once the Orange County Choppers / West Coast Choppers fad had burned out, customizers turned their gaze on the Cafe Racer style of stripped down bodywork, low clip on bars and bum stop seats.  Seeing dollars on the table, the manufacturers also wanted a piece of the pie as well.  Honda came out with their GB500, Triumph with their Thruxton and Royal Enfield with their Continental GT.  Ducati also dipped their toe in the Cafe with their Sport Classic in 2005.

Recalling the iconic Ducati 750 Sport, the SportClassic had the Cafe look along with the 992cc V-twin “Desmodue 992” putting out 91 hp and a top speed of 135 mph.  This example has a few custom touches including exposed timing belts and custom exhaust.  Hope they kept the timing belt covers, seems like they are there for a reason.

This bike has recently had the 12,000 mile service including new timing belts (maybe they lost the covers), valve adjustment, new chain and lower sprocket, clutch plates and regulator.  Additionally it’s had new tires in the last 100 miles, the fuel tank replaced under warranty and a new battery.  <Insert your Italian jokes here>.  Seems like the current owner might be suffering from battle fatigue, so maybe now is the time to swoop in.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent. He has a rabbit’s foot hanging from his black leather jacket.