Butterfly Doors: 1990 Toyota Sera

I saw a Toyota Sera parked on the street the other day and I started instantly raving to the “normal” person next to me “Hey, that’s a Japanese market Sera, it’s got gull-wing or scissors or butterfly doors and was never sold here…”. The poor unsuspecting family member (or perhaps it was a stranger, I don’t recall precisely) just assumed, with its doors closed, it was one of any 90s era Tercel or Camry or whatever. The ultimate conclusion I made was that ownership of a Sera by yours truly would be strange because I would park and drive it around with the doors in full open mode at all times. Find this 1990 Toyota Sera offered for $15,000 in Hebron, KY via wingbook smorget.

From the seller:

1990 Toyota sera
Listed a week ago in Hebron, KY
Seller’s Description
This is a 1990 Toyota Sera. Car is imported from Japan, it was never produced or sold in the US.

Right hand drive, 1.5L 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual transmission…fun little car to drive.

Butterfly doors, unlike conventional hinged side-opening doors, the butterfly doors can be opened fully in a fairly confined space, requiring only 43 cm (17 in) of lateral clearance. The Sera features windows that curve upward into the ‘glass roof’ section of the vehicle.

The rear hatch is constructed of a single piece of glass without a supporting steel frame.

This car has a rebuilt title – KY red title.

Car has 91,850 miles on the odometer.

No trades, sale only.

If you have questions or want to set up a time to look the car over, send me a message.

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