BumbleBe1: 1987 Nissan Be-1

I love it when a seller tells a story.  And this next seller does deliver the goods.  Not only does he do a good job of articulating his reasons for selling the car (which aren’t really necessary in the sale of a vehicle) but he also goes to great lengths to show that he is indeed a 61 year old man who just purchased a new Ford Ranger and even includes a selfie of said self and Ranger.  The last part of the story that I love is the fact that he is both reasonable in his asking price and firm in his conviction — so don’t send him a text message with a random and un-substantiated offer.  Personally, as a used car seller on the web, the thing I hate the most are random low ball SMS offers that have zero actual substance.  I usually reply with a “yes, I will take $xxx offer, but only if you immediately send me $1000 non-refundable deposit.”  Never had a taker. Find this 1987 Nissan Be-1 offered for $4328 in Portland, OR via craigslist.

From the seller:

So my wife was watching a Nissan Commercial on TV the other day and noticed a rare JDM car that I happen to own in it. A Nissan Be-1. One of the Pike Factory Cars.

As far as I know I am only person Portlandia who owns one.

I recently purchased a 2020 Ford Ranger (see the look last picture that’s me the day I got it) and I had to promise my wife I would sell one of my Classic Cars in order to get her to agree to me having yet another vehicle on our insurance policies.

For us it is not a matter of the upfront money to buy but more a matter of the cost to keep all our stuff insured. And when you own lots of stuff and have lots of cars and trucks and RV’s and big boy toys my wife gets mad that I keep cars around that I rarely drive.

So before we go further if you are the type of person who will say “Hey would you take $3828 etc etc” just know I am retired, I have plenty of money and I have imported more than one JDM vehicle over the years so I know the value I have here. Look closely at the pictures. Today’s prices in Japan and in the USA posted.

And no I will NEVER and I mean NEVER, EVER take one penny less so don’t waste your time or mine. I was was probably playing “if I could would you before you were born” so my price is my price take it or leave it.

In fact I have at a least another $2000 of “stuff” which is super hard to find I can sell you including spare parts, 2 extra sets of tires and rims, a brand new in the box never used Webber Carb to replace the factory one when it dies, Manuals, Magazines, Sakes Brochures, Toys etc etc and all kinds of other Be-1 “stuff” which could to help make this showroom perfect and tell the story.

But the odds are if I have never gotten around to making this showroom perfect in the last 4 years I never will.

However I will make you deal on all the other stuff and parts if you promise me you will someday restore it. 🙂

Again I don’t need the money. But I honestly love this little quirky car and I don’t want to see it continue bake in the sun. My garages are full of more valuable ones. And my wife is tired of paying the insurance on a vehicle I hardly ever drive. So I am keeping my word to her and here it is up for sale at a price it will sell for as like I said the price is the price.

So will I sell this vehicle for $4230 without all the spare parts and other stuff but including the original wheels and tires? Why yes. Yes I will.

I could care less how long it takes to sell. Again I have plenty of money and since a Craigslist ad is only $5 a month these days that is less than a cup of good coffee and a snack.

So I am looking for a certain kind of buyer. A person (perhaps a Nissan Dealer??) who will restore this vehicle to showroom perfect condition so others can enjoy it. Sure that works for me.

But this be an everyday driver? Super high MPG and a headturner. In fact some the pictures show the Be-1 with after market tires and wheels (with less than 500 miles on them). Add $500 and they are yours!

I always keep it locked with a red club. Even at my own house. No charge for the pollen and the raindrops. Pictures from today versus the car show ones from a few years ago.

So this vehicle starts up the first time everytime if it you drive it everyday. It starts on the second time if if has been a week or so. In nearly 4 years of ownership I have put about 2,000 miles on the Be-1. So no it is not my everyday driver but it could be yours!

As they say a “picture” is worth a thousand words so check out the pictures carefully.

As I am pusing 61 years of age it is time for me to pass this on to someone who can do what it takes to make it showroom perfect. Or drive it everyday.

And yes that is actually 53,910 original miles aka 86760 klm on the spdeo. Cars in Japan are checked every year so it is almost impossible to buy one that has had the odometer set back.

I have included plenty of info in the pictures to help you learn more about the Pike Factory Cars. Look at urls in the screen shots. Surf the internet. Educate yourself.

As I am NOT a 25 year old but I am guessing that is my potential just buyer might be, so I will try to respond to texts or emails within 24 hours. However Phone calls really are the best a NB do fastest way to talk to me.

Perhaps you love Cowboy Be Bop and Nintendo and Cosplay? Why not own a car that reflects what you love!

Thanks for reading. Look closely at the screenshots and visit the urls. I took these screenshots the same day I posted this. 

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