Built The Way It Should Have Been: 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

The Pontiac Fiero was the runt of the litter in the sports car world when it was new, and was the brunt of many jokes in the decades after…but…if you are going to buy a Fiero, don’t fall for the V8 swapped monster or the ’84 iron duke powered original and instead get yourself a nice 88 GT that has been restored by a Fiero expert and upgraded with a 3.4 liter Camaro V6. Handling wasn’t by Lotus (that was a common, but unfounded, rumor), but the final year of Fiero did have upgraded suspension and is best of the breed. Find this 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT offered for $7950 near Seattle, WA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1988 pontiac fiero gt

VIN: 1G2PG1190JP209006

condition: excellent

cylinders: 6 cylinders

delivery available

drive: rwd

fuel: gas

paint color: silver

size: sub-compact

title status: clean

transmission: manual

type: hatchback


NEW FOR 2020: Tires & windshield!

Offered for sale is a mid-engine, RWD silver 1988 Fiero GT 5-speed, on which I recently completed a 5-year full restoration in January 2019. I am an expert-level home mechanic and engineer with 25 years of automotive repair experience and 20 years of Fiero experience, and I have owned this car since 2000. Very few people still have the knowledge or skills to restore Fieros anymore, and I’m one of the last. I’m a detail-oriented perfectionist, and I have brought to bear all of my skills and extensive knowledge of the breed to restore it to like-new condition. I don’t ever do anything the quick, easy or cheap way – it’s only done the RIGHT way with the proper tools, documentation and wisdom, so everything is as close to factory-original as possible. This was my fourth engine-out major service on this car and by far the most thorough restoration. I’ve also built a V8 Fiero and worked on numerous other customer Fieros at a well-known Fiero shop in Chicago.

I’m not going to detail all the specifics of the GT model as it originally was, because I’m sure if you’re serious about buying one of these you’ve already done your research on the stock specs. But I can tell you that of the stock models, only 139 1988 GT 5-speeds were silver, and only the 1988s were monochromatic silver. And if you’re going to get a Fiero, you of course want it to be the Getrag 282 5-speed stick, which this is.


This Fiero has an upgraded 1995 L32 3.4 longblock from a Camaro (done in 2001 and documented at fiero34swap dot eleventenths dot org) with a Crane 2030 CompuCam, 160hp/225tq (dyno verified at 136/194 at the wheels). This engine is from the same family of 60-degree V6s and a drop-in replacement for the 2.8 liter mill that the Fiero GT originally had. It does not leak oil and addresses the oil-starvation, bearing and connecting-rod failure problems of the 2.8, with another 36 cubes to boot. This engine is utterly bulletproof, quick, and a hoot to drive with ample low and mid-range torque. It is visually indistinguishable from the stock Fiero engine and requires no electrical or mechanical changes from stock; only the starter is moved and a bracket is added for the AC compressor mount. All emissions equipment is unchanged, fully functional and compliant.


In the most recent restoration, a full top-end engine rebuild was performed including 3-angle valve grind, compression tested, rod & main bearings mic checked, new head gaskets and all other top-end gaskets replaced, new timing chain & gears, flushed & tested 17GPH injectors with new O-ring seals, new fuel filter and replaced main fuel lines, new spark plugs and wires, new A1-Cardone distributor/cap/rotor, ignition module, replaced EGR pipe & EGR system validated, crossover pipe & insulation replaced, vacuum lines tested and verified, upgraded hi-torque mini-starter from a supercharged 1996 Grand Prix GTP, new exhaust downpipe gasket, new exhaust manifold gaskets and studs, rear exhaust manifold replaced, new engine & transmission mounts, all new rear subframe & rear suspension, new rear subframe bolts, new rear Dickman zero-lash endlinks and bushings, new rear tri-link bushings and bolts, new parking brake cables, new rear brake pads, new wiper motor, new heater core, R-134A converted, alternator replaced with upgraded Corvette 105-amp CS-130, new compressor belt, new serpentine accessory belt, and a serpentine accessory belt-tensioner kit installed to eliminate the belt-squeal problem common with all Fiero V6s. Engine oil and coolant were obviously drained and flushed as well, and all deteriorated hoses were replaced.


The aluminum 5-speed Getrag 282 transaxle has received a new clutch, new master cylinder, new upgraded Dickman selector cable with aerospace-grade heat shielding, new Dickman slave cylinder, new banjo bushings, rebuilt shift linkage, upgraded axle-support bearings and synthetic transmission fluid. It has none of the clutch problems that plague other Fieros and shifts buttery-smooth through every gear.

=== INTERIOR ===

PW/PL/PM, all standard with GT model. New black carpeting with extra sound-deadening underneath, floorpan restored, freshly redone black/gray two-tone Mr. Mike’s seats with unique quad-zone massagers & heat, Dickman power-window boosters, new Dickman leather shifter boot, OnStar with Bluetooth integration, yes, OnStar with Bluetooth integration, high-end Monsoon stereo with Aux-input and Kenwood speakers. Remote keyless entry, and Grant GT leather steering wheel with Pontiac crest logo. The doors have snug-fitting new strikers and the driver-side upper hinge pin has been replaced. Rally gage cluster with Oil Pressure & Alternator Voltage. All gages are functional.

=== EXTERIOR ===

17/18″ staggered Konig Imagine wheels with 225/40/17 and 245/40/18 tires, upgraded 12″ Corvette brakes (West Coast Fieros kit), 1″ front balljoint lowering kit for larger front wheels (no effect on ride or handling), new polished stainless-steel tailpipes, Class-2 trailer hitch with 7-pin wiring connector, and rebuilt pop-up headlight motors so they actually work. The speedometer gear in the transaxle has been replaced to calibrate it for the larger rear tires. Rear taillights have no delamination and have been upgraded to LEDs in the PONTIAC center illumination. In 2008 I had the mirrors, moldings and rear wing & stanchions painted, and the front & rear bumpers in 2011, but it has never been in an accident. The passenger-side quarter window cracked and has been replaced in 2013 and there are some scratches to the rocker panels, fastback buttresses, roof and decklid.


As of January 2019 the exhaust has been replaced and the entire A/C system has been overhauled. It has received a new A/C compressor and accumulator with all O-rings replaced throughout, proper flush, vacuum test and recharge of the A/C system, with new, fully upgraded pressure sensors and wiring, and the R-134 A/C is fully operational. The new compressor has a lifetime warranty. It has also received a new, larger group 78 Optima Red Top battery (900 CCA) and an all-new Ocelot catback exhaust from the Fiero Store, with new Magnaflow catalyst and new polished stainless-steel tips.

=== CLOSING ===

This is essentially a fully-restored, UNMOLESTED, near-zero-miles Fiero. It’s solid, quiet, trouble-free reliable, and a real throwback pleasure to drive, especially running through the gears and feeling the mechanical linkage doing its job. Other than its restoration downtime it has been continuously driven and meticulously maintained. It’s been upgraded and modernized in many ways, but it is still a pure mechanical driving experience, easily one of the most distinctive of the 1980’s. It drives like nothing else, and certainly nothing like anything made today.

This is my final restoration and I have reluctantly decided to sell it because I have 7 cars and I can no longer store them all and care for them properly, but when the engine in my Corvette let go it was the last straw. Priced to sell at $7,950. I can arrange shipping or it can be safely driven home anywhere in the US or Canada.

Please, serious inquiries only.

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