Brutal Luxury: 2001 BMW M5

BMWs…BMWs…what is with all the BMWs??  Hey look bud, try and find another manufacturer that consistently offered fast rear-drive sedans with manual transmissions and standard limited slip diff out back during the 1980s/1990s/2000s– the list indeed short.  No one is going to say that a BMW M-car is the best bang for your buck, the BMW roundel is constantly surrounded with tire smoke…and where there’s smoke, there’s gonna be fire.  Find this 2001 BMW M5 offered for $10,999 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

This E39 M5 is powered by the S62, a 4.9 liter screaming DOHC
all-alloy V8 that puts out 394 horsepower and revs to 7000 rpm.  The big
brutish V8 succeeded a series of sweet singing M5 inline sixes and only purists complained because the new engine was better
in every possible way to the old inline-6.  The V8 was more powerful, lighter,
more reliable and more compact – it was a knockout formula that lasted for one generation before BMW released the nutso V10 version.  See a better fast sedan for your cash?