Brick House: 1988 Volvo 245 DL Turbo

Nine hundred smackeroos doesn’t get you much in a running/driving car these days — blame it on the Fed’s policy of never ending inflation or hipsters with money driving the price of junk up.  However, with some proper application of your frontal lobe, you can find something fun/interesting/cool to drive for less than a grand.  Like this 1988 Volvo 245 DL Turbo offered for $900 in Eastern CT via craigslist.  Tip from Art C.  

For your stack of 45 Andrew Jacksons you get a small fuel injected inline-4 that is turbocharged and “pulls hard” according to the seller.  The engine is connected to a 5-speed manual gearbox that puts power to a locking rear limited slip differential, but the shifter bushings will need to be rebuilt if you don’t enjoy that stirring a witches pot experience when changing gears.

See a better car for 900 bones?